Friday, December 02, 2016

Frozen Forest Christmas card

Another Christmas project. This time I am using the Craftwork cards Frozen forest collection available from The Fruit Pixie. This would work wonderfully well if you want something, like me, that would make seasonal Christmas cards but you also have winter birthdays to make for too.      The kit has the usual contents. A beautifully designed paper pad that is 8x8 and matching toppers. This time round ones with animals and scripted sentiments and some lovely pennant shapes too. Of course it also has the signature Candi, these are a pearl white.     I always find so many things to do with these Craftwork cards kits and this is no exception. So to start with I have a Christmas card to show you.
I have cut the card blank on my Silhouette Cameo but the sweet deer topper and striking black backing paper is from the kit. I just needed to add some snowflakes ( don't ask me how many different snowflakes I own but I have a HUGE amount but I will deny everything 😄 ) And then of course add a Happy Christmas to finish off.

You can find this beautiful kit in the shop here


Friday, November 25, 2016

Sparkle Christmas card and stamping and embossing help

Here is my beautiful sparkling Wreath card using the lovely stamp by Woodware that I have designed for The Fruit Pixie. The stamp is a clear cling stamp so you will need a clear block to attach it too. These blocks are re usable so you only need to buy them once. You then take the clear stamp and peel it off the packaging and attach it to you block. Place your block on a level surface, stamp side up and apply the ink evenly across the whole stamp using light taps. You should always apply the ink to the stamp, don't push the stamp into your ink pad or you will just end up with an inky mess and you will wast a lot of ink.   Then turn your stamp over and gently press it onto your card. Always keep one hand in the middle of the stamp block at all times to stop it rocking. Gently press over the whole stamp to push the ink onto the card, you don't need huge pressure or you will squash you stamp and the image will be blurred. Small stamps don't need as much pressure as large ones. Each stamp is different so I always try out a stamp on scrap paper to see how much ink and pressure you need to get a good image before I apply it to my project.  If it's the first time you have stamped I would recommend stamping on a separate piece of card to your project and then cutting it out, either as a topper or cut around it, that way if it doesn't quite go to plan you have not spoiled a card you have worked for hours on. The more you stamp the more confident you will get.  The great thing about clear stamps is you can see through them so you can place them exactly where you want them. After stamping wash them in soapy water and leave them to air dry or use a stamp cleaner. Once dry put them back on the packaging and keep them in a cool dark place. If your ink has stained your stamp don't worry this happens, they will still stamp well. Once you have mastered stamping you will want to have a go at heat embossing, which is what I have done on my card.

To heat emboss you will need an embossing ink some embossing powder and a heat gun. For this card I have used a red tinsel embossing powder I have had for about 15 years or more so the powder will never go off!

To heat emboss you ink up your stamp with an embossing ink and stamp onto your card. Then cover your stamped image in your embosssing powder as you used to do glue and glitter as a child. It's a good idea to have a scrap piece of paper under your project so you can pour the excess powder onto it then back into the pot. You will notice just how little you will have used. Give the card a good few taps to get the excess off the card. If you have trouble with  embossing powder sticking to other areas of you card try wiping an anti static bag over your card before you stamp, it really dose help.

You then need your heat gun. Now they may look like a hairdryer but they don't blow like a hairdryer and get much hotter. If you use a hairdryer you will just blow all the powder off your card, nothing else. Now as I said the heat gun dose get hot so if your card is small you might want to hold it using a peg so you don't burn you fingers and of course don't let children do it. 

Turn your heat gun on and let it just run for 10 seconds or so to get hot, every heat gun is different and you will get to know yours. Once it is running hot hold it over a part of your image and wait for it to melt, it won't take long and once it has melted to a smooth surface immediately move on to the next bit. Keep going until it is all melted to a smooth shiny surface. Don't keep it on a melted part or it will melt into the card and don't wave it over the image or it will not melt evenly. Leave to cool before you touch it. If you find places where it hasn't melted then just go back in and melt it down.

This process is mesmerising, no matter how many hundreds of times you see it happen it is still magic!

So perhaps have a go at stamping or embossing if you have never tried it before it dose open up a whole other world. Or if, like me you haven't done it for a few years, get out your embossing powders and play with them. 

You can find all you need for you card in the shop 

The Woodware Berry Wreath stamp -

Acrylic blocks -

 Embossing Ink for you stamp -

Embossing powders -

An anti static bag wiped over the card before you stamp and add you embossing powders really dose stop the powder from sticking where you don't want it, so only on the ink!

If you have any questions about stamping and heat embossing please ask me, either by email or here or on The Fruit Pixie face book page and I will do my best to help.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The magic of Christmas card

    The Fruit Pixie, who I design for has a lot of wonderful Christmas dies and I have used one of them from Couture Collections and Spellbinders to make this cute card. The merry Christmas die is one of my own.  
The base for this card was cut on my Silhouette Cameo but you could quite easily use a standard card base and get the same effect.   The background paper is from the Craftwork Cards Festive Chalkboard paper pack.         To give the buildings their glow I cut the die out in grey card then using scraps of yellow and orange card I stuck each piece to each individual building and trimmed the coloured card down. I then used my clear glitter pen to give it some sparkle. For Father Christmas I cut in once for the base colour in red then just covered the specific areas with the corresponding coloured card. So brown for the reindeer, gold for the sleigh runners etc then trimmed the and glued them to the respective places. It sounds a lot of work and I admit you wouldn't want to make 100 of them but it is enjoyable and looks great in the end. You can find the thing I used in the shop here - Sizzling house die - Father Christmas die - Craftwork cards Festive Chalkboard paper pack -  

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bicycle birthday card

    I know we are rushing towards Christmas at what feels like top speed but I thought I would just stop to take a breath and make some cards using the Craftwork Cards Blackboard set before I start on the Christmas ideas.

   This is another great set from Craftwork Cards this time using a black background throughout. Now I don't use black really in my crafting but they released a Blackboard Christmas kit last year and I must admit I really enjoyed using it and the cards look lovely. So do give this kit or the Christmas one which is available in the shop too, a try they do make beautiful cards and, as all Craftwork cards kits, are so easy to use.

   This kit is the same as the others with a pad of papers, die cut toppers and a bag of their Candis

 For my first card I chose the bicycle paper in the pad. Their papers are designed so well, you can use the image on the paper by itself, as I have done here and there is still plenty of the paper to use in another project.

As you can see there are lots of other pastel colours you can use to compliment your image, I chose the soft duck egg blue from the Core-dinations range.

I chose one of the backing papers and backed it with the same colour Core dinations card.

Another of the papers in the pad has lots of little icons you can cut out and layer.

Then to finish off I used one of the die cut sentiments in the corner.

Add some spots of glitter pen and some shine on the berries using the a glaze pen and you are done.

You can find this kit in the shop here -

The Christmas version here -

You can find ideas for using the Christmas version of this kit here -
and here -

The Core Dinations card here -

The card bases here -

 Hope you like this card and have a look at the kits, they are something different to play with.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Something Wicked art journal

This year on the AJC ( Art Journal Caravan ) we had a Halloween journal to work in on the days leading up to Halloween. There was a challenge for each day with something to either use in your page, like a quote, or inspire you to write in your journal. Here in the UK Halloween has only taken off in a big way in my adult life so having no real childhood memories to journal about, plus I was away in Vienna for a week of it so had limited equipment to play with, I mainly chose the quotes and arty challenges to do. I also picked and chose my challenges rather than doing them in order use to being on holiday.  The Journal itself I made using watercolour paper for the pages and then a stif card to form the covers.    So here is my finished journal - 
This was my front cover, we had a few titles to chose from. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the letters
                              Page 1 is one of the poems given to us all hand lettered and then filled in using die cut bats and stars.  
                        Two challenges here. My potion for happiness and then on the right another saying all hand lettered   
                       The page on the left is an altered photo made into a witch,on the left another saying hand lettered with a lovely         witch cut with my Silhouette Cameo   
Now this was such fun, we had to write a story and then insert icons now and again. I used to love these as a child!
Another hand lettered page using die cuts I did using my Silhouette Cameo.
For the page on the right we had to use a reverse stencil. So I cut a 13 out with my Cameo and the put it on my page a used spray inks and then added to it using crayons.
The right page's challenge was you favourite Halloween film. One of mine is, as you can see, The Fearless Vampire killers which is a really funny film.
Then the last page, the challenge was a quote from Poe, of course it had to be The Raven. How can you possibly have Halloween without The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.  
Then the back cover. The 31 is the 13 I used as the reverse stencil switched to make 31.
I think you can see how much fun I had working in this journal. The Art Journal Caravan is full of gems tike this so do have a peek at it if you want to journal but are not sure how to start or want something a bit different to do in your journals.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Frame

 A very Happy Halloween! Today I have a mixed media frame to show that I have made for The Fruit Pixie using the new Halloween stamps from Stampendus and the MDF frames from Creative Expressions.

         I decided to colour her using paper piecing. For those who don't know paper piecing is, it's a way to colour your stamped image by using different papers. So for this image I stamped the image to a skin coloured card then I stamped her again onto a purple paper and cut out just the coat part of the image. I then stuck it to the skin coloured image. She then had a purple coat. You keep doing that onto different papers or coloured card until you have the effect you want. A small sharp pair of scissors really help with this.

    Once I had complicated the girl I cut her completely out from the background. I still wanted her on her background so I stamped it again but this time I cut away the Halloween word. This was because I wanted to make the whole image fit in my frame and it was a tiny bit too big. So I stuck the Halloween word back onto the background to make it fit into the frame.

    I then painted my MDF frame with black paint and using some of the Creative Expresions waxes to highlight some of the areas.

 I then took my PVA glue and drew some swirls with it over the frame. Then before it dried I tipped some Frantage black glass glitter over the top.

Once it was all dry I could stick my stamped image to the backing of the frame and the stick the frame over the top.

         There, all done and ready for Halloween.

                        You can find the stamps in The Fruit Pixies Etsey shop -          

                                    You can find the MDF frames here

                                    You can find the wax here -

                                       and the glitter I used here -

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween card

The Fruit Pixie who I proudly design for had some lovely new Halloween stamps in. I started using the Stampendous Halloween Chains and the Halloween Brackets to make this card

 I love these new stamps by Stampendous! They stamp beautifully and I find stamps like these really handy to have, you can use then on the card as I have here or inside as well. They would also look cool around the address on the envelope or to make Halloween party invites. Because they are neither for girl or boy they have so many uses. They would also be really handy for scrapbooking or project life.

I took 5 inch square card in white. I then put the 3 stamps ( all the stamp strips are separate ) onto my block, you get 4 stamps but the other stamp has a little spider on it and is made to be used virtually. I stamped them 4 times and then coloured in the little icons. 

The purple card spider webs were punched out using a Marther Stewart punch. 

The sentiment stamp is the Stampendous! cling Halloween Brackets stamp which I stamped onto white card and cut out. I then stuck it onto orange card and cut it out again leaving a small amount of the orange card showing.

To finish the card off I added some dabs of my glitter pen and sponged some purple ink around the edge.

There we are, quick easy and fun but still a stylish card to send out.
You can find these stamps and much more at The Fruit Pixie -